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E-mail Reminder

• Even though you can send an e-mail to your own mailbox to remind yourself of an important    event, you may eventually forget about the e-mail received and that important event.

• It is easily overcome by using our pre-scheduled e-mail reminder that allows you to receive an    e-mail on a specific day at specified time.

• innoMinder® technology also enable you to send pre-scheduled e-mail to your friends and    family!

A summary of fascinating features from innoMinder®:

• Send a pre-scheduled e-mail reminder to yourself, your friends and family no matter where    they are in the world
• No software installations or other peripheral devices are required on your PC, mobile phone,    BlackBerry or PDA.
• innoMinder® also allows you to send SMS reminders and voice reminders!

To create an e-mail reminder, you are required to use a number of innoCredits®, which can be earned for free! (Click for more details)

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