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You can find most of the frequently asked questions here. If you still have questions or problems, please contact customer support.

Question 1

What is InnoMinder®?

InnoMinder® is a multifunctional reminding service brought to you by SmartSysTech Ltd. InnoMinder® provides you the flexibility to choose when you want to receive your pre-scheduled reminding messages through your home telephone, mobile phone or other peripheral devices. From now on, you will never forget any event or appointment with InnoMinder® pre-scheduled features.

Question 2

How does it work?

Once you have signed up and opened an account, you can easily create a reminder through our single web-based interface. InnoMinder® service can deliver a reminding message variety ways. You can use your own pre-recorded voice, music file, sound clip or e-mail to send out a reminder. Reminding message will be received by recipient at a specific time you have requested.

Question 3

How much does it cost me to sign up an account?

It is free to sign up for an account. However, you must have a valid phone number and an e-mail address to activate your personal or business account.

Question 4

Is it definitely free to send any types of reminding message?

With our beta version, it is definitely free to send any type of messages within USA and Canada.

Question 5

What are the formats of a voice reminding clip that can be uploaded?

You can upload a voice clip in WAVE format, i.e. *.wav. You can also upload any music or sound clips to remind yourself of an important event.

Question 6

What happens if I don’t have a voice reminding clip?

It is very easy to use our 'text-to-speech' platform to create your voice reminder.

Question 7

How long can a voice reminding message be?

Each voice reminding message can only be 1 minute. Although you can upload a longer sound clip, only the first minute of the clip can be listened to.

Question 8

Are there any easy methods for me to record a voice message?

For Windows XP version, you can record your own message by the following procedures:

1)Go to Program Files
2)Click the Accessories folder
3)Choose the Entertainment folder
4)Click the Sound Recorder program
5)Start recording your own voice
6)Save into any folder you prefer

Question 9

Can I cancel reminding messages?

You can cancel a pre-scheduled message whenever you want without any cost.

Question 10

Can I send reminders long distance?

Yes, innoMinder® service is available worldwide.