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Overview of innoCredit®

innoMinder® strives to provide its users with reliable reminding services through a user-friendly interface. We have revamped our technology to provide users with the ability to send reminders worldwide. Starting in March 1, 2007, you can use innoCredit® to send reminders to anyone, anytime and anywhere in the world. There are different ways to obtain innoCredit®, which are described below.

Get Free innoCredit®

Every innoMinder® user will automatically earn 2 free innoCredits® everyday by logging into their account.

In addition, you can also earn free innoCredits® by recommending innoMinder® to your friends. All you have to do is to ask your friends to enter your innoMinder® user name in the "Referral User ID" box when they registered, or send them the registration link directly from your account. You will earn 3 innoCredits® for every new activated account!

innoCredit® Rates

The innoCredit® rate for different countries and mediums are shown in the following table:

Country Country Code Reminder Type innoCredit/Reminder
Australia 61 landline phone 2
Australia 61 mobile 3
Australia 61 sms 1
China 86 landline phone 2
China 86 mobile 2
China 86 sms 1
Hong Kong 852 landline phone 2
Hong Kong 852 mobile 2
Hong Kong 852 sms 1
India 91 landline phone 4
India 91 mobile 4
India 91 sms 1
Singapore 65 landline phone 2
Singapore 65 mobile 2
Singapore 65 sms 1
United Kingdom 44 landline phone 5
United Kingdom 44 mobile 5
United Kingdom 44 sms 2
USA & Canada 1 landline phone 1
USA & Canada 1 mobile 1
USA & Canada 1 sms 1

Other Countries *** phone 3
Other Countries *** mobile 3
Other Countries *** sms 2

All Countries *** email 1