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Voice Reminder to Home or Mobile Phone

Keeping you, your friends and family on top of any pre-scheduled events - anytime and anywhere!

Are you tired of missing an important event or appointment? Do you want to be on top of every commitment you made? Do you want to remind your friends and family of an event, but they are living in a different time zone?

The breakthrough technology from innoMinder® will allow you to receive a voice message from a home (land line) or mobile phone that is prescheduled by you in advance to remind you or your target audiences.

You can choose to create a personalized voice message by uploading a voice clip, or use innoMinder's computer voice message system (text-to-speech tool) to read out the reminder you typed in text.

A summary of fascinating features from innoMinder®:

• Receive a pre-scheduled voice message at a specific time you want.
• Simple to use text-to-speech tool to create your important voice message.
• You can upload a voice clip / song as a voice reminder.
• No software installations or other peripheral devices are required on your PCs, mobile phone,    BlackBerry or PDAs.
• innoMinder® also allows you to send e-mail reminders and    SMS reminders to a mobile phone!

To make a voice reminder, you are required to use a number of innoCredits®, which can be earned for free! (Click for more details)

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